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Sustainable Efforts at Islands Bar and Grill

Islands Bar & Grill is committed to being and environmental steward. It continually seeks opportunities to protect resources, reduce waste, and conserve energy and water while maintaining quality service expectations for guests and employees.


Conserving Energy

Islands Bar & Grill looks to conserve energy through our heating and cooling standards and through the use of compact flourescent lamps and bulbs.


Using Organic Foods

Islands Bar & Grill is committed to providing delicious, high-quality cuisine, while enhancing our environment. this is the reason we purchase organic products whenever possible to do our part in promoting the health of the ecosystem. We enjoy working with the local farmers and artisans. Their high-quality products contribute to the remarkable taste of our cuisine. To ensure we are serving only the freshest foods possible, small menu variations may occur based on nature's seasonal cycle. It is our hope that our customers will feel as good as we do about selecting high-quality products and contributing to the conservation of the environment.


Monitoring and Reducing Waste

It has become standard practice for employees to utilize reusable ink cartridges and make double sided copies to reduce paper usage. Whenever possible and practical, 100% post-consumer recycled paper is used for printed materials. Islands Bar & Grill also currently participates in a recycling program to monitor and reduce waste through a subsidiary of Allied Waste Inc. Our waste is separated into Various categories including aluminum, plastic, cardboard, paper, food scrapes, and cooking oil. Cooking grease is recycled.

Our Islands Bar & Grill Team is committed to protecting the quality and continuity of life through the conservation of resources and prevention to promise a successful future.


Conserving Water

By reducing the quantity of towels we wash, Islands Bar & Grill wisely conserves both water and detergent, while reducing energy consumption along with the installation of low flow faucet fixtures. Low water-tolerant plants are used throughout the establishment.

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